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Tip - Thermocouple Hole

Hello , 

We understand you wish to know how to drill a hole to support a converstion to Gas on your oven.

You can reference your Commercial Installation guide, but for your convenience, we provide a few additional pictures and comments below.

Thermocouple placement:

  • Ideal placement is equidistant between the floor and dome apex.  Depending on the oven purchased this will be eight to nine inches above the floor centered in the oven dome piece.  Caution: Do not place thermal coupler near gas burner, which is located at 10:30 o’clock, as the flame will cause the thermocouple to malfunction.
  • Using a standard Mason or Cement Drill bit 3/8" and standard drill, drill hole from the outside of the oven into the center chamber going all the way through the oven dome.  CAUTION - DO NOT use an impact drill as this may damage concrete dome.
  • Insert the tip of the thermocouple probe into hole, so that probe is visible three to five inches inside oven.
  • Attach the male / female connectors to connect the thermocouple probe to the burner control box. 

Picturess included below.

Thank you for choosing Forno Bravo!

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