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Manual - DuraTech Double Wall UL103HT listed chimney system

DuraTech is a stainless steel chimney system for indoor installations and when you plan on going through an overhead structure requiring UL103HT rated chimney flu system.

We have attached the DuraTech Installation Manual for your convenience.

Key considerations when installing your oven:

Always contact your local Building Official or Fire Official regarding permits, restrictions and installation inspections in your area.


  • Allow 18" of clearance around single wall stove pipe;
  • Allow 2" of clearance around double wall pipe;
  • A minimum of three (3) feet of chimney below the ceiling is required.
  • Chimney's must extend at least three (3) feet above the highest point where it passes through a roof and at least two (2) feet higher than any portion of a building within ten (10) feet
  • Never fill any required clearance with any insulation or other materials
  • Interior Chimneys shall be enclosed where they extend through closets, storage areas, occupied spaces or anyplace where the surface of the chimney can be contacted by persons or combustible materials.  The distance between the outer wall of the chimney and the enclosure shall be at least two (2) inches;
Offset Elbow Installation:
  • The DuraTech Chimney system may have a maximum of two (2) offsets (four elbows total) of 30 deg from vertical;
  • Elbows are manufactured in 15 deg and 30 deg angles measured from the vertical;  
  • Forno Bravo only offers 30 deg elbows for sale.  If you need 15 deg elbows, you can buy directly form DuraTech or distributor;
  • Avoid elbows if possible as a verical chimney is the most efficient;
  • Do not combine elbows to create steeper angles and never exceed two elbows in one chimney system;
  • Refer to Elbow Offset Chart on Page 12 of attached manual

Do not use with forced draft, positive-pressure appliances.  

If your installation requirement can't meet these standards, be sure to consult a professional and obtain necessary permits in advance.

Feel free to email or contact us directly at 800-407-5119.

Thank you for your interest in Forno Bravo!

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