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Recommended Burner Spare Parts list

Prices do not include Shipping Charges.

Items are generally in stock and need up to three business days to program, prep and ship.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

SKU Description Price Less Shipping
BUBC Omega Control Module $460.00
BUDIGT Digital Timer Switch for Burner #2 $37.00
BUFAILCONTACT Flame Fail Button $9.00
BUXGC Dual Gas Control Valve $240.00
BUXIS Burner On / Off Switch $29.00
BUXMOD Honeywell Ignition Module $225.00
BUXSV Solenoid Valve for Burner #2 $185.00
BUXTCOU Thermocouple $85.00
BUXTRANS Transformer $14.00


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