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How to Install a Forno Bravo Floor using Sairset or Mortar

This article is about how to install your oven floor tiles in a Forno Bravo wood fired pizza oven.

The pictures you see here show the installation process for the floor tiles on our ceramic fiberboard.  We use Sairset on our ovens so tiles don't break in shipment.  However, we recommend those who buy kits to only Sairset or mortar the front two pieces for the landing and use 1/16" of 60 Mesh Sand for the other tiles.  It is easier to level and maintain the floor.  Be careful not to use more than 3/8" sand or your door may not fit properly.

This process is based on how we use Sairset for our assembled ovens.  To use sand, simply eliminate the Sairset steps and use 1/16" of sand between the tile and the insulation board.

  1. The first picture is of of the common tools required for this process
    1. Carpenters Level
    2. Rubber Mallet
    3. Trowel
    4. Carpenters Pencil
    5. Sponge
    6. Sairset (You can substitute High temperature mortar, or 60 Mesh Sand)
  2. Check the levelness of the fiber board without any tiles (not depicted).  
  3. Layout your floor tiles starting with the highest point based on your checking the floor height with the level.
  4. Floor Tiles are numbered with Chalk so you know where each piece goes.
  5. Trace each tile onto the insulation board using a carpenter's pencil
  6. Remove the tile and apply Sairset starting with the highest point based on your checking the floor height with the level.
    1. Be careful not to go any higher than a 1/4" or you may have fit issues with your front landing and the Door.
    2. After each tile is placed and leveled, clean the edge of the tile with your trowel and wet sponge so the next piece will fit smoothly.
    3. Check with the level to ensure it is seating properly.
    4. You don't want the floor to have uneven surfaces or you pizza peel will catch.
    5. Ensure each tile pieces is pretty snug to its neighbor
    6. If you want to be extra careful, you can install your floor with a slight downward slope to prevent the peel from catching
  7. Once the floor is set, allow the oven to sit for one day before placing your dome.
    1. If you are on a tight schedule, you can place the dome the same day after an hour wait, but you run the risk of distorting the levelness of the floor.
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