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Intertek - Authorization to Mark

Thank you for you interest in our ovens.  
We understand you have questions regarding our Testing Certification.  Forno Bravo is UL approved and certified in the US and Canada for both residential wood fired ovens and commercial gas / wood combination ovens.
Below is a brief summary with links numbered at the bottom of this ticket allowing you to review our listings on the Intertek site.
For more information about specific ovens models covered visit our UL page at UL-Certified Pizza Ovens
These Installation Manuals can be found in the Library section of our website.  The Casa 2G and Premio 2G are governed by the Casa2G/Premio2G manual and the Professionale, Modena, Roma and Napoli are governed by the Commercial Ovens manual.
Any deviation from the Installation Manual may void warranty and Intertek’s Authorization To Mark.  Consult with your local authorities and professionals before installation

If you are interested in receiving additional information or a quote, please feel free to email us at sales@fornobravo.com or call 800-407-5119 between 8AM and 4:30PM PST Monday Thru Friday.


Best Regards,

Forno Bravo


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  • Avatar
    thomas ellis
    you do not specifically list a warranty for the oven - primivera. why ?
  • Avatar
    thomas ellis
    you do not specifically list a warranty for the oven - primivera. why ? i have asked a couple of times now for a copy of the primivera oven warranty and the stand warranty and received no response. are you interested in selling an oven ?